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jessica suicide
24 February 1992
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I'm Jessica

i came in this hell in the year of 1993!

i eat cake on February 24st. get me something =]

i'm bisexual

i'm a pretty simple person, though not always easy to understand.

i'm known to have a lot to say yet at the same time i'm known to be very quite!

i am very random.

i am an emotional person.

yes, i do sing & use my brush as a microphone so be jealous =]

i generally am a pretty happy, laid-back person. however, if you push me too far i will eventually explode.

i like to analyze things and not much gets past me.

just because i am not always happy some days does not mean something is tragically wrong with me. i have other emotions too!

i get jealous of things that remind me of what could of been.

i'm not always the happy, smiling person you may think you know. one smile covers a thousand tears.

i am a sarcastic person.

i'm tired of caring what ppl think of me so i say screw them, live life.

call me "emo", "goth", "punk" all you want but in the end im only one person;; me.

you may know parts of my life but that doesn't mean you automatically know me. don't assume.
there are two sides of me. you may never get to truly know my deeper half.

i am often crying from laughing too hard.

i am "soft-hearted" and tend to be very vulnerable to those i care about.

to put it bluntly, i'm strange.

some people would say im "annoying, childish, or immature" i personally don't think it's a crime to like to have fun and goof around.

before i die, i would like to have true love and made a difference in some way. i'm just a girl with too big of a heart in a world determined to crush it.

/ \